Any foreign visitors wishing to enter the Republic of Korea must have a valid passport and obtain a Korean visa before the visitation. However, people of 90 countries who wish to visit Korea temporarily are permitted to enter without a visa according to visa-exemption agreements or in accordance with principles reciprocity or national interest. More information about visa-free entries for foreigners.

Example of Entry Visa to Korea

Countries under Visa Waiver Agreement

For accurate visa information, Please visit to 'KOREA VISA PORTAL' website or ask to Korean Embassy.

If you need a letter of invitation for participating in the BioRob 2022, please email to BioRob 2022 Secretariat at

Your invitation letter request must include the following details;

Korea Electronic Travel Authorization

All foreign visitors who wish to enter the Republic of Korea must obtain K-ETA permission to board aircraft and ships bound for Korea. You must apply at least 72 hours before departure by accessing the K-ETA website or mobile app (K-ETA).

*K-ETA is not a visa.
The issuance of K-ETA does not guarantee the entry of the Republic of Korea, and the entry availability of Korean immigration officials is finally determined according to the results of the immigration inspection.

K-ETA is valid for two years after issuance, and the number of arrivals is irrelevant. However, if the validity period of the passport is within two years when applying for K-ETA, the K-ETA is valid only until the validity period of the passport.

Applicable to : Following the implementation of K-ETA from 1 September 2021, nationals of 112 countries/regions, who were eligible for visa-free entry, now need to apply for K-ETA in order to receive a boarding pass.


Subject to exemption : Person who is a national of a K-ETA required country in principle, but obtained approval for K-ETA exemption from the Ministry of Justice in advance through the request of relevant organizations by submitting a list of names via official channel.

* For other inquiries, please proceed through the Korea Electronic Travel Permit Center. ( → notice → questions). Foreign language counseling available: 9am-12pm, 1pm-6pm on weekdays.

Required documents and preparation for Foreigners (Aug. 19)

Koreans and foreigners who do not hold a certificate of negative PCR(RAT) test result for COVID-19 (including those who hold a non-conforming certificate) shall be restricted from getting on board the aircraft. (Regardless of vaccination status)

※ As to the entrants who are exempted from submitting a certificate of negative PCR(RAT) test result, refer to 'PRE-DEPARTURE NEGATIVE COVID-19 TEST RESULT REQUIREMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL ARRIVAL'.

All Visitors were required to take a COVID-19 test

Before, all short-term visitors were required to take a COVID-19 test either at airport testing facilities or a health clinic nearby their accommodation on their first day in Korea (until 23:59 of the next day after arrival), whereas the strengthened entry procedure effective from August 10, 2022 until September 9, 2022 requires all short-term visitors entering from Incheon, Gimhae, or Jeju international airports to take a PCR test at the airport testing facility or at a designated health center upon arrival.

For a smooth transition, visitors will be notified of the testing requirement by the flight crew upon boarding the plane. Visitors can book their post-entry PCR test through the Q-Code system ahead of time to expedite the process.

Airport testing centers

Q-code (Quarantine COVID19 defense)

From 22.4.1.(Fri), Korean time, not only those who have completed domestic vaccinations, but also those who have completed overseas vaccination who have not registered their overseas vaccination history with the Korean public health center will be exempted from quarantine if they use the Q-code to enter quarantine information in advance.

*Target Persons for Input of Q-code: Every person who plans to enter the Republic of Korea regardless of their purpose, such as tourism, visiting family, etc. (Both Korean nationals and foreign nationals are included)

*Preparation to Input Q-code

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